Cool New Instagram Tool – Iconosquare

20140609-221922-80362097.jpg is basically an amazing facelift and name change to what was formerly known as “Statigram.” To keep this post short, I’ll skip all the business and marketing benefits of Iconosquare and just list the really cool feedback it gives you and how it works.


First, if you don’t have an Instagram account, get one. Second, go to and login to your Instagram account. (You may view ours here: TheRutterLife)

NOW… you can see all your Instagram stats including how many total likes and comments you’ve received…BUT WAIT… THERE’S MORE!

Iconosquare can email you snapshots of even more statistics of your Instagram account! THIS is the cool stuff…

You can see your total number of posts, the number of total “likes” you’ve received, your total number of followers, your most used filter, and how much you’ve used it: 20140609-194642-71202444.jpg

Your most liked posts:

Your followers that have liked your posts the most: 20140609-194319-70999728.jpg

The first person you followed, the first that followed you, and your first post: 20140609-194034-70834254.jpg

Where your followers are from:20140609-193708-70628512.jpg

That’s just a few of the cool things this new tool allows you to do. Play around with it to find out more!


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