One Heck of An Awesome & Healthy Summer Already!

20140625-134406-49446739.jpgAdvoCare announced that it is launching a NEW product every pay period (2-3 weeks) this Summer in its “Launchapalooza” campaign! So far, the first three products released are AMAZING!

The first product that AdvoCare launched during the “Launchapalooza” is Pomegranate Slam!

20140625-134744-49664664.jpg I was already in love with the other flavors, but this one takes the cake! I don’t know if I can ever go back to my Bowl Game Berry after tasting this one! The AMAZINGNESS of Pomegranate Slam led me to refreshing our microsite every 10 seconds to catch the next product launched before they sellout.

As if Pomegranate Slam wasn’t enough of a huge success, AdvoCare released their second “Launchapalooza” product… GREEN APPLE SPARK, which is by far my new favorite product!!!

20140625-140030-50430020.jpgNot only have produced the best flavor yet, which tastes just like a Jolly Rancher to me, they made it in an easy to use “On The Go” pack very similar to Oasis and BioCharge. Mariah and I were just discussing how awesome it would be if AdvoCare made Spark in the same type of packaging as Oasis and BooCharge and then voilà!!! They did just that!

Today they just made us even happier by launching Mango PASSIONFRUIT Slam! Based on the home runs AdvoCare has been hitting with the first two products in the “Launchapalooza,” we cannot wait for this one to get to the door! We already ordered several boxes! More products to come meaning more excitement!!!



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