You Do This Nearly Every Day And Don’t Realize It

I recently recorded a Facebook Live video about this and I found that it was pretty shocking to people that they didn’t even realize that they were doing this. Most people don’t. Facebook has even caught onto how often it’s done and has even altered everyone’s posts to enhance it.

How many times have you eaten at a great restaurant and had the best burger or meal you’ve ever had and told your friends about it? How many times did you check out a new restaurant and recommend it to your friends? Probably a lot.

How many times have you come out of watching a movie and told your friends and family about it? How many times have you told someone that they should go see that movie? Tons!

How many times have you shared a video of some company doing something kind or caring for someone or have shared some “feel good” story about what some business has done? Probably a good bit as well.

Just the past two weeks I recommended an awesome protein pancake mix on Facebook and I’ve had numerous people message me that they bought it based off of my recommendation. I seriously had people go to the store specifically for it because I made a post about it. These people never would’ve bought it if it wasn’t for me posting about it. Have you ever done something like that? Sure you have.

Guess what you did when you do any/all of the above? You gave those movie producers, restaurant owners, businesses, free marketing. They didn’t even have to pay for your word of mouth marketing and they gained business from it. You found something you liked. You recommended it to your friends. They followed your recommendation. Those businesses benefited from it. You got NOTHING.

The fact is, we do free marketing for companies all the time. We do it so much that Facebook has caught on and now has altered the way recommendations show up in your news feed. Know what type of marketing that’s called? Network marketing! That’s right… you’re engaged in network marketing all the time; you’re just not getting paid for it.

Wouldn’t it be nice if when you recommended a movie, let’s say Jumanji, those movie producers paid you when your friends and family who you recommended it to went and saw it? How nice would it be that not only would you get paid when they saw it, but let’s say they recommended it to their friends as well and the movie producers said, “Hey, these people likely wouldn’t have seen our movie if it wasn’t for your initial recommendation to their friends who then referred these people, so we want to pay you for the income we made from those people to!” That’d be awesome!

Well, that’s what my wife and I do. We get paid for referrals. We also get paid for the referrals that our friends make as well because they never would’ve been using our products if it wasn’t for our initial recommendation. So when people say, “I can’t do what you do,” the chances that they’re already doing it are about 100%. They just don’t get paid for it.


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