5 Quick & Easy Ways To Increase Your Cashflow

After hitting rock bottom with well over $200,000 in student loan and credit card debt, I was forced to find ways to start the my climb out of that situation. While the tips below can be a great start, you still need DISCIPLINE. If I help you save money, but you use the money you’re saving to spend it on an unnecessary expense on something else, then did you really save money? No, you didn’t and unfortunately that’s what most people do. Don’t be like most people. Use the money I help you save to eliminate more interest incurring debts until they’re all eliminated to gain financial freedom. Below are some “baby steps,” but they’re great starting points nonetheless.

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Here are the 5 quick and easy ways to increase your cashflow:

1. SlingTV 

slingtv sling tv

SlingTV was by far one of the biggest money saving tips I ever received. At the time I made the switch to SlingTV my cable bill was around $160! That’s $1,920 a year! Take your cable bill and multiply it by 12 and see how much you spend on cable. WARNING: it may make you sick to your stomach. A co-worker told me about it and I thought, “for $25 there’s no way it’s as good as he’s saying.” I was wrong. It’s that good. For $25 you get a ton of channels and everything is a la carte too. So if you want every sports channel it’s just $15 more dollars for all of them.

Here’s the best part… you can cancel or pause your subscription at any time! That’s right! If you only want the sports channels during football season then you can take that portion off from January to September. You can even pause your entire subscription indefinitely. No contracts, no cancellation fees, no nothing like that. Try it for Free! You’ll love SlingTV and you’ll love what it does for your bank account too. I’m going to do you an even bigger favor. Here’s a link for a discount on your first month after your free trial ends: $15 off your first 3 months! You can stream it through many different devices. The one we use is the Amazon Firestick.
sling tv channels

2. HD Antenna

4k hd antennaNo, I’m not talking about your old school rabbit ears. I’m talking about something nearly as flat as a piece of loose-leaf paper. These HD antennas can pick up signals from hundreds of miles away! I can’t tell you how many of my friends have come over to watch a football game without having any clue it was coming through an antenna and commented about how clear the picture is. They’re shocked every time I tell them it’s an antenna.

You can Google “Local HD Antenna Channels” and go to a multitude of sites that not only show the networks available in your area, but also which channel they are and you can see the maps of where the network broadcast antennas are in relation to your zip code. It’ll tell you how many miles away each antenna is so you can purchase your HD antenna based of that distance. Here’s a great one to use that can pick up signal up to 120 miles away: Carbon Fiber HD Antenna

3. Dosh

Dosh was one of those things I was skeptical of and I’m glad I didn’t let me skepticism turn into cynicism.
dosh appDosh is the real deal! Unlike other apps like Fetch Rewards, Ebates, and Ibotta there are no receipts to mail in, nothing to record, no website to order through, etc. With Dosh you simply download the app, link the card(s) you shop with, and go on about your business. Immediately upon purchasing at a qualified merchant you’ll have “Dosh cash” (which is just their term for cash) deposited into your account. What else is great is you get paid for referrals. When you refer a friend Dosh rewards you for that. In just over a year we earned nearly $1,000 for making our normal purchases and referring our friends.

dosh app

4. Good Rx

I found out about GoodRx after I got an eye infection. The eye doctor told me to check it out after she told me that the steroid drops are usually pretty expensive. I was AMAZED at how easy it is. All I had to do was go to, search the prescription, and then it listed every nearby pharmacy and the price the prescription was at each one. Then I just showed the coupon price to the pharmacy and that was it! The steroid drops that were normally over $100 I was able to get for $36! That’s a lot of savings!!!

good rx

5. Medi-share


The number one thing that concerned me when I was making the decision to leave practicing law was being able to pay for health insurance. All of the premium plans I found ranged from $950-$1,400 a month even with a sizable deductible! I voiced those concerns to a friend of mine and he shared Medi-Share with me (part of the Christian Care Ministry). I couldn’t believe the options available! For my wife, children, and myself our monthly payment is $226! Now, I will tell you that our deductible (“annual household portion” as they call it) is $10,000. Sounds high, but let’s do the math. Let’s say I chose health insurance with Blue Cross for $1,200 a month. That’s $14,400 a year whether we file a claim or not! Then you have a around a $2,000 or more deductible before Blue Cross would pay anything. So that’s $16,400 if you file a claim for a covered expense. With Medi-Share we would pay at most $2,712 in premiums per year. If we had a claim over $10,000 then that plus the $2,712 would amount to $12,712 for that year. So here’s how the math shakes out: Medi-Share would more than pay for itself in the first year you have it in this situation. In fact, you’d pocket $1,688. If you didn’t have to file a claim that year and for each year you don’t then you’re saving $11,688 per year! WOW! Talk about a pay raise! Here’s another cool part… when you refer a friend to Medi-Share they pay you $100! We have referred 9 people so far and that has given us another $900 that we didn’t have before. If you referred someone to Blue Cross you wouldn’t even get a “thank you.” CLICK HERE FOR INFO

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*Some of the suggested products on this page are linked to Amazon. Occasionally Amazon rewards those who refer their products. It's important to note though that this doesn't not in any way affect the price you pay. Amazon either keeps those referral fees or they reward them to the referer. It's built in to the price of the products. 🙂

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