Dear Camille…

Rutter Pregnancy Announcement

Dear Camille,

You’re almost here! We cannot wait to hold you in our arms and kiss your little face. WE ARE READY! The doctor says you look great and you look very healthy (must be the products your mama is taking). We know how much you love Spark and Rehydrate because you move around EVERY TIME she drinks them.

I have great news for you… as long as everything goes well during labor, the doctor is letting me deliver you! So since my hands will be preoccupied, our friend at Big Leaps Photography will be taking pictures of your entrance into the world. Just so you know, we are going to be taking A TON of pictures of you. I bought a tripod with a bluetooth remote control so we can take pictures together! Your mom says I’m going to be the “Papa”razzi and she’s going to be the “Mama”razzi. There’s no denying it… I’m going to have to clear my phone photos to free up space on a daily basis.

Your mom was telling me that the church bulletin is promoting a father-daughter event coming up in the next couple weeks at church, but you’re probably going to be too little to go. I haven’t looked at it myself, but before we go to any other church events I will have to do my due diligence on exactly what we are attending.

Let me tell you what happened with the last two times we attended a church social event: The first event your mom had us attend at church was a “spaghetti dinner.” When we walked into the room we noticed that we were the only ones there that didn’t have gray hair. Then I looked at the bulletin laying on the table as we entered and noticed it read “Senior Spirits Spaghetti Dinner.” We stayed anyway because your mom loves spaghetti. The second time your mom had us attend an event it was a crawfish boil that read “BBQ Tailgate Party.” Somehow in your mom’s mind that transferred to “Football Jersey Party.” Needless to say, we showed up wearing our New Orleans Saints jerseys while everyone else was in regular clothes. So now your daddy is an independent review panel for all church social events we plan on attending. 😉 Your first church social event will be your baptism! That’s a very special event and we can’t wait to teach you all about it!

Just so you know, we have ended “Preparation Mode” and have gone into “Wait Mode.” We have setup all of your belongings including your bed, your car seat, and your stroller…. that stroller is amazing and I’ve already taken it for a few spins around the house. Your mom has too, but ran into the wall 5 feet after she started pushing it. So now she’s going through stroller driving classes before you ride in it and I’m installing rubber bumpers on all sides.

Oh, and we have more BIG NEWS! Thanks to Water Cooler Catechism and Archangel Radio, your mom and I were blessed to share half of our story on how we came back to the Church this week! The second half will be aired next week! I’m going to write to you more about that very soon!

Well, I’m going to help your mom bounce up and down on the yoga ball tonight so that we can hopefully see you sooner than later. We’ll see if it works! Love you my sweet little girl!


P.S. Hurry up and get here. 🙂

Open Letter to My Daughter

Baby Ultrasound

My Dearest Sweet Camille,

As I write you this letter, you are being snuggled inside your mommy’s tummy. We know you must love it in there because you’re apparently having a solo dance party 24/7, but soon it’ll be time to meet us face-to-face. That’s when the real fun starts and you’ll get to meet all the people that love you so much. Oh, and by the way, if you think the climate and temperature changes in there are crazy just wait ’til you get out here. And yes, I’m very aware that your mommy’s body heat turns up to a degree only a kiln can reach when she sleeps.

You’re growing like crazy right now and a few months ago you grew ears so you could hear us say how much “we love you.” That’s why we read you books every day. Your favorite one that we read to you, the one you always move around during, is called The Bible. That’s a special book and you’ll learn why soon.

A couple weeks ago we got to see your eyes and your beautiful eyelashes. I still can’t believe how long they are already! We can’t wait to see your eyes starring back at us and watching them squint as you smile and laugh (we’ll be doing that a lot because your mommy is HILARIOUS)! Once you’re able to open them up out here you’ll get to SEE how much we love you too.

You’re also going to get to see these bazillion outfits you have that are taking up all the room in our closet. Your mom also bought you some pretty funny cloth diapers. Just wait until you see them. I’m telling ya, your mommy has an awesome sense of humor and I can only hope that you take after her. I put together your stroller that you get to ride in when we go for jogs and walks around the park where you’ll get to see other children too.

There are a lot of other children in this world, but you’re going to live a life that most children only dream of having all because your mommy and I made a choice not to settle for “normal.” We’re very fortunate to have friends that opened our eyes to something better than going to work every day after dropping you off at a daycare. You’ll never know that life my sweet little girl and you’ll never know the inside of a daycare. Instead of paying someone else to raise you, we will be the primary influence in your life because we will be full-time parents. How cool is that!? That means we’ll have even more fun time together!

I know we are going to have a lot of those fun times, but I’ve got to tell you that your daddy was scared when we found out that God gave us you. Your mommy and I prayed and promised God that when He was ready to give you to us that we would be ready too. My fear was not that we weren’t ready to take care of you. My fear was that I did not know how to do the best job of raising you to find the man that will take the best care of you one day. You see, the day will likely come when I hand you over to someone else, but don’t worry… I will always be your daddy. By the way, while we are on this subject, if you want to join a convent then you will make things a lot easier on me. Devoting your life to God by becoming a nun is a very noble vocation. 😉

Although I was scarred, I want you to know though that in the past few weeks I realized that I am not scared anymore. I know exactly what I have to do. If I want you to marry a man that’s going to treat you the way you deserve then you need to see me treat your mommy that way. I have to be the man I want you to marry. I have to go to mass with you every week and make sure we read God’s word together. I’m going to have to take you on dates so you have an example of how that should go (I’m very excited about our first one!). I have to live my life out as an example of the Godly man that will take care of you one day. Believe me when I say, your daddy is going to set the bar high my sweet pea.

We love you so much and we cannot wait to hold you and we get to do that in only 7 more weeks!!! BUT please don’t get too excited as well and come out to hug us early. Seven weeks isn’t that long Camille. You can hang in there. We’ll see you soon my love, but now it’s time to read you your favorite book again.



P.S. If you want to sleep through the night so that mommy gets a good night’s rest I promise she won’t be upset by that. 🙂