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The Light Switch Is Flipped


“Change Your Focus, From Making Money To Serving More People. Serving MORE People Makes The Money Come In.”
— Robert Kiyosaki

The (Un)happy Lawyer

On October 5, 2012, I sponsored my first distributor, my best friend TylerTyler and I went to law school together and are both constantly feeling bogged down and tired of our line of work and were both unhappy lawyers. I knew Tyler wanted the same thing as I did, so I called him about this opportunity that Brandon had introduced to me. He was very interested and decided to become a distributor at the Advisor level (to be explained at a later point), but at that point he could only follow my lead. The bad thing about that was… I was a terrible leader in AdvoCare back then.

As stated in my earlier post, I became an AdvoCare distributor on August 27, 2012; however, it wasn’t until late October when I figured “it” out. It took me a while to realize and follow the Success System that AdvoCare had in place for me already. Before late October, I thought I had to “sell products” to earn a Plan-B income with AdvoCare, but I was missing it. I didn’t see the big picture, the purpose, the opportunities, the reason AdvoCare exists.

On October 21, 2012, a man by the name of Jesse Reynolds visited our CrossFit box to present an informational meeting for us to learn more about AdvoCare, and more specifically the business opportunity it offers. Everything Jesse spoke of got me more and more on fire about AdvoCare. This was the first time I can remember being really excited about the business side of it. He told us all one thing that I’ll never forget, mainly because he was 100% right… “Use the Success System. I challenge all of you to get me on the phone with someone. I will build your business for you.” Furthermore, he changed my ENTIRE mindset. Here I am trying to “sell products” and that’s not what it’s about at all. He told us that AdvoCare is for anyone that wants more energy, better performance in their workouts, healthy weight loss, or an extra income… soooo basically it’s for everyone. More specifically, he told us that AdvoCare offers two things for people; and here is where the light came on for me… “AdvoCare,” he explained, “offers people a healthy lifestyle and the opportunity of financial freedom.” BOOM! That’s what I had failed to see. A great quote I heard on the Rookie Bonus Call tonight… “We’re not product sellers. We’re problem solvers.” So true.

I had been looking for that Plan-B income, but I was looking to get it the wrong way. Before meeting Jesse, I wasn’t trying to help people with their finances, with their health, with their overall wellness. My problem? Simply put: I was just trying to make money “selling products.” What was wrong with me? How could I be blind to this? The whole reason I became a certified CrossFit trainer had been to help people with their health. It is the whole reason why I have pushed so many of my friends to join the CrossFit community. From that point forward, my purpose had changed. It was time to start helping my friends get healthy, destroy debt, or reach their other financial or health and weight loss goals.

One of the distributors that I now sponsor, Emily Turner, also attended Jesse’s informational meeting. She then went to lunch with Kathy a couple days later. She saw the light. On November 1, 2012, Emily became the second distributor I sponsored and I couldn’t have been happier to have her on our team. I’ve known Emily since we were kids. She had just started her 24 Day Challenge about two weeks prior and she was experiencing INCREDIBLE results. In fact, 15 days into The Challenge she lost 19 lbs! By the end of the Challenge… 26.6 lbs and 15.75 inches! She’s about a month post Challenge now and 40 lbs. lighter! Talk about inspiring… that little lady is on fire! For more information on Emily’s journey, please read her blog “Walking a Mile, Even When the First Steps Hurt”.

So remembering what Jesse told us… to “get him on the phone with people,” I decided to take action. Jesse cast great vision. I had to put my stubborn attitude of “I can do this without anyone’s help” aside and trust this guy. He’s making between $10,000-$15,000 a month; obviously he knows what he’s doing. I continued to talk to my friend Amanda, a fellow CrossFit trainer, about AdvoCare and the opportunity it offers. Amanda uses performance supplements like I do and was definitely interested in the discounted products, but after speaking with Jesse on the phone… she knew that AdvoCare provided the opportunity to pay for the summer’s rent of her lake house. She had a goal, which is very important when you’re looking to build a business with AdvoCare. My personal goals: help as many people as I can by introducing them to the incredible health and financial freedom opportunities AdvoCare offers and to destroy my debt while replacing my current income. I knew that I could help Amanda reach her goal, and after speaking to Jesse she knew it too. On November 7, 2012, Amanda decided to go straight to Advisor and earn income 5 ways while earning a 40% discount on her own products. She became the third distributor I sponsor and I know she’s going to do amazing.

I knew that I could help more people than just the ones I worked out with. I needed to reach more people, but how? Social media today is amazing. Countless numbers of people use several different avenues of social media. My personal favorite? – Facebook. I created a “wall post” congratulating Emily on her incredible weight loss achievement. Within minutes, I connected with a friend I probably haven’t seen in over 10 years; a friend living 4 1/2 hours away from me; a friend living in a completely different state, Louisiana; a friend that is now on fire for AdvoCare and is experiencing her own energy gains and weight loss achievements with The 24 Day Challenge; a friend that is becoming an amazing distributor to sponsor; a friend that also made the decision to go straight to Advisor and get serious about her health and finances. My friend is none other than…

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Amazing Results and PR City!


“Time properly invested is worth a fortune.” — Jim Rohn, America’s Business Philosopher

So I’m at my first AdvoCare mixer and have heard this touching and incredible story of how The 24 Day Challenge had changed the life of my friend Kathy and how it changed my friend Brandon’s CrossFitting performance. They had also explained to me how I could receive a 20-40% discount on all of my supplements or pretty much never have to pay for them again. At that point I was already going to leave their home interested in Advocare.

Financial Freedom Ahead

Here was the nail in the coffin for me: The Eiff’s began to tell their story on how they were reaching financial freedom. They told us all how Kathy was a full-time high school Spanish teacher and soccer coach and felt like she was not being the mom she always dreamed of being because her job afforded her little time with their son. Brandon began “their” AdvoCare journey pretty much on his own at first because Kathy thought he was just bringing home yet another new set of supplements. Then Kathy saw extra income coming in and began questioning how they were making money from these products. Needless to say, Kathy got on board. The Eiffs set a long term goal to have Kathy home with their son, but accomplished that goal much earlier than expected. In less than three months, the Eiff’s check from AdvoCare was larger than Kathy’s check from her school! Result…? Kathy quit her job teaching and has been home with their son for seven months now and the Eiff’s are on track to double Kathy’s teaching salary in just a year’s time. Oh, and as you’ve probably guessed… Kathy began crying again.

So here I am, hearing how I can get my supplements for a 20% discount or even FREE, get paid to become a member of this company, have ZERO QUOTAS to meet, reach the performance levels I desired all while gaining financial freedom. Umm…. no brainer for me. The opportunity of a Plan-B income was staring me in the face, but I was very skeptical about it. It seemed to good to be true. So I put that portion of what I heard on the back burner and focused more on getting my products at a discounted price and reaching the performance levels I wanted.

AdvoCare Arginine Extreme
AdvoCare Arginine Extreme

On the very next day, August 27, 2012, I became a member of AdvoCare and thus, a distributor. I immediately started The 24 Day Challenge and couldn’t wait to see the effects. I also purchased AdvoCare’s Arginine Extreme and Mass Impact. Days 1-10 of The Challenge, I ate clean as usual without my weekly cheat at California Yogurt Kraze, but I noticed that around Day 3 or 4 I started leaning up more when I thought that I couldn’t anymore. Ten days down; 14 to go! The last 14 days were a breeze and I was feeling like I had more energy than ever. I’d like to thank Spark for playing a role in that as well. I felt like my body was cleansed and I was ready to start seeing results.

I Don’t Always Lift Heavy… Just Kidding

My first week after The 24 Day Challenge blew my mind. I began PRing like crazy on my lifts! I went from 185# (pounds) on my Clean & Jerk to 205#! I PR’ed THREE more times that week! My Squat Clean went from 165# to 200#, a movement that always concerned me going heavy on because of my knee surgery, 135# to 165# on Overhead Squat, and 130# to (read below) on Snatch! The Snatch was by far the most impressive to me and deserves a little more detail.

Four to five consecutive weeks prior to setting a new PR on Snatch, I had attempted to get 135# numerous times. I couldn’t do it. Fail after fail I stayed at 130#. I became discouraged and thought that I would never reach 135#. Then, one Saturday a group of us trainers worked out after the morning class had left. The first part of the workout… 20 minutes to find your one rep max on Snatch! “Here we go again,” I thought, “130# and no further.” I was way off with that assessment..

Within 20 minutes, I shattered my previous Snatch PR. For the first time, 135# seemed like warm-up weight. I couldn’t believe I actually snatched 135# when in 4-5 consecutive weeks I couldn’t get past 130#! I didn’t stop there. I put 140# on… it was a breeze. 145#, 150#, then 155#… my 20 minutes were up and I couldn’t have been happier. I just threw up 155# when I couldn’t even get 135# coming into that day!

The CrossFit Girls

The workout wasn’t finished. The second half of the workout… “Amanda.” “Amanda” is 9-7-5 of muscle-ups and 135# snatch. GREAT! I’m worn out from snatching for 20 minutes and now I have to do a weight in a workout 21 times that I couldn’t even do once coming into that day. This was not going to be fun… so I thought. Before it started, I tried to lift 135# again and couldn’t get it. I tried 3 more times… FAIL. I was spent, but I was determined to try the workout anyway.

The clock started and I began my muscle-ups. I was drained at this point and wanted to quit after 5, but Travis wouldn’t let me. I kept going and got to the first set of snatches. Nine of them… DONE! I finished the workout completing 21 snatches at 135#, a weight I couldn’t even lift once the week before. Was I happy with the results of AdvoCare’s 24 Day Challenge and Performance Elite line? You’re damn right I was. I had never experienced anything like that. It wasn’t even a full week after I took the 24 Day Challenge and I was ready to start my second one! There has never been any other supplement that has had that effect on me.

AdvoCare Arginine Extreme
AdvoCare Arginine Extreme

I had to start telling people about these products and my results. Not only was I seeing incredible results, but my CrossFit box had taken The Challenge as a group and started about a week after I did and people were losing weight left and right. We had some athletes lose between 10 and 20 pounds. It was incredible! With results this amazing, it should be easy to “sell” these products, right? Well, it all depends on your mindset, and mine was not in the right place. I was ready to start making an extra income with AdvoCare, but I focused on the wrong thing. I focused on “selling the products” instead of helping people see the two things AdvoCare really offers… better health and wellness and financial freedom. Thank God it didn’t take me long to figure that out, but I became frustrated for a good month before I figured it out. There’s a Success System and I didn’t even see it. Brandon tried to coach me, but I was stubborn and figured I knew what I was doing. All I had to do was “sell” some products… WRONG! Late October… I figured it out, and boy did it pay of…

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