Dear Camille, You Had Your First Beach Trip!

AdvoCare Kids on The Coast Incentive Trip

Dear Camille,

You had your first beach trip! It was the AdvoCare Kids on The Coast Trip and it was a blast! I’m sorry that you didn’t get to actually go ON the beach because of how hot it was outside, but at least you got to hangout in the cabana at the pool. The ceiling fan in the cabana was a nice touch. We were so blessed to spend time with 249 other families that we love and the best part about it was that we didn’t have to spend anything! That’s right, it was FREE! We’ll have to pay for Disney World though when we go, but that trip will mostly be for your mom. She’s a Disney fanatic. I’m sure you know that though since she plays Disney tunes for you every day. I’m sorry about that.

It was a 5 hour trip total, but we broke it up into two 2 1/2 hour trips since we got to stop at Nonnie and Papa’s for a weekend. You slept the entire trip there and then to Destin only waking up once to go potty. I still can’t believe it. You are an awesome traveler!

Out of the 250 families on the trip, there were over 300 kids and out of the 300+ kids on the trip, you had to be the most famous. Everyone loves you little angel. Not that you needed any help looking cute, but your bathing suit only added to your cuteness factor. Oh, and that flower hat… adorable! Here’s a pic of you climbing all over mom under the cabana and another when you were pretending to be shy:

AdvoCare Kids on The Coast Incentive Trip

AdvoCare Kids on The Coast Incentive Trip


You even made room for a snow cone… well, it was snow cone unflavored ice. You appeared to like it though.

AdvoCare Kids on The Coast Incentive Trip

While on the trip we had a chance to hangout with some pretty famous people. We got to see Trevor Bayne who drives the AdvoCare #6 car. I hope to God that you are never in a car that is even possible to go as fast as he drives. 🙂 He ate lunch with everyone and then played beach volleyball with us.

AdvoCare Kids on The Coast Incentive Trip


We also spent a good bit of time with one of our dear friends, Ron Reynolds. One day I’ll be able to explain to you how much this man has changed our lives and your future. He is the reason your mom and I have eliminated over $141,000 of debt in under 2 1/2 years. Here’s a picture of you with Ron. You blinked when I took the picture. 😉

Ron Reynolds debt buster AdvoCare Kids on The Coast Incentive Trip

One of our favorite parts of the trip was the pajama party movie night where we watched “Despicable Me.” Although that movie is pretty good, I think the best part was hanging out with you and mom in our pajamas.

AdvoCare Kids on The Coast Incentive Trip

AdvoCare Kids on The Coast Incentive Trip

Don’t worry that you slept through most of this trip because there will be many more trips like this my little one. You are a blessing to us and to everyone that knows you. Your smiles are contagious and your laughs are even more so. We love you so much and cannot wait until our next trip with you. Until then, there will be many days of lounging around the house in your little lounger with your mom playing Disney music and me reading you books.

Love you sweet angel,


P.S. Thank you for not pooping in the car when we changed you. I REALLY appreciate that.

I Know It’s Hard To Believe – So Here’s The Proof


Over the past 2 1/2 years, I have made multiple posts on various social media sites regarding how much debt I’ve eliminated and the other day I made another one. I know how unbelievable it is for someone to eliminate over $137,000 of debt because honestly it’s hard to believe it myself. The higher the number goes, the more unbelievable it becomes, to others AND myself. I think the reason is because most people don’t know it’s possible to become debt free. For most people, by the time they pay off or come close to paying off their car, they’re having to take out a loan for another one, take out a second mortgage on their home, secure a mortgage on a new home, while still paying off credit cards and student loans among many other creditors.

So because I realize most people can’t believe it, I decided to show everyone just how true it is. I scanned in letters from financial institutions and took screenshots from credit card accounts (THANK GOD our credit card debt is GONE!) A few things that aren’t shown here are the over $7,000 of a veterinary bill I had from when Jackson went to the vet hospital and tried to die on me, hundreds of dollars in outstanding medical bills from my knee surgery, and payments made on my Jeep.

Before you say… “how did this guy have so much debt!?” I’ll tell you. When you go to private undergrad and private law school, the student loans add up fast. Then when I had to start paying them back and the minimum payments consumed a large majority of my paycheck every month, I felt like I had no other option at the time except to use a credit card just to put food on my table and gas in my car. So that’s how… not to mention we were not allowed to work my first year of law school.

I understand that not everyone has had as much debt as I did, even for those that own a home. I also understand that earning extra income to be able to do what I’m about to show you below may not be for everyone… BUT what if it is for you?

Thankfully AdvoCare has the DebtBuster program, which helped me eliminate loan after loan and credit card after credit card. Your proof… see below. 😉

Let’s start with this personal bank loan:

While going through some mail I found this letter regarding paying the balance of my personal loan IN FULL! WHAT WHAT!!!? #refreshing Thanks “June Pridmore” and yes,  I bet you do “hope to have the opportunity to serve me again in the future.” Thanks but no thanks sista!

Debt freedom

Next, I have a Discover student loan that I eliminated back in early 2014 before our wedding. That’s right, PAYMENT IN FULL!

Discover student loan debt eliminated

Citibank received the same treatment from me: less interest for them! Sorry, but not sorry!

Citibank student loan debt eliminated

Here was the largest credit card I had to eliminate. My Discover card was out of control and by far had the highest balance out of all of my cards. Checkout that $0.00 balance! Looks pretty sweet, huh!? We also used a bunch of that “Cash back bonus” to go toward our debt. 😉

Debt free from credit card debt

And here was Mariah’s Discover card that we eliminated right after we returned from our honeymoon to Greenbrier. Again… $0.00 balance and it’ll stay like that. Just about emptied that cash back balance on this one too.

Debt free from credit card debt

Next we have my Chase credit card. This was the second credit card I had because I signed up for a free t-shirt or a Hungry Howie’s pizza or something like that on my college campus. By the way, there are now laws restricting these credit card vultures that prey on very impressionable college kids from doing that anymore. Current balance on this one? You guessed it… ZERO!

debt free credit card debt

Next we have my very first credit card secured in the same manner as the one above. What can I say? Here I am, a freshman in college with basically no limits except for things that required money. Credit cards helped me erase that limit too. Glad that I got that one at $0.00 balance.

debt free credit card debt

This was a fun one to eliminate. Not only did I eliminate the balance, but I was left with thousands of miles that I could cash in for gift cards or free flights. 🙂 That’s all fine and dandy, but I’d rather pay for my flights instead of going into massive debt to have them awarded to me.

debt free credit card debt


If you have significant or even minimal debt from a mortgage, car payment, credit cards, student loans, personal loans, etc. – what you just saw above can be YOU! It’s not magic. It’s not luck. All it took was an incredible opportunity and a willingness to be completely free of debt! Remember, “opportunity does not make appointments. You have to be ready when it arrives.” I have my hands on the most incredible opportunity I’ve ever seen. Do you?

New Year; New Goals!

2015 Goals

Mariah and I recently went over our GOALS for 2015 after she read “The Magic of Goals” by Ron Reynolds (the creator of the DebtBuster System. This was a first for us, although that may not be hard to believe because we’ve been married for less than a year at the time of this post. I’ve set goal in the past, but not yearly goals. Now we’ve set them because we know that it’s hard to hit a target that doesn’t exist.

It’s hard to hit a target that doesn’t exist.

set and reach goal conceptWe sat down and started making a list of things (not just tangible ones) that we wanted in our lives and things that we didn’t want. You have to clean out the junk and clutter to help you laser focus on hitting your goals. You have to be about actions and not distractions. You also have to have the right actions. Actions create the illusion of progress. Just because you’re acting, doesn’t mean you’re being productive. So make sure your actions are leading you closer to your goals.

Here’s an Example of “Some of the things we DO want in our lives”:Smart Goal Setting Concept

  • Financial Freedom (thanks to AdvoCare we have eliminated over $120,000 of student loan and credit card debt in just over 2 years. So we are well on our way!)
  • Personal growth
  • More prayer time
  • More service to our church
  • Go to Disney World
  • Get a King-sized bed
  • To purchase out “long time home” to be settled

Some of the “things we DON’T want in our lives” include:

  • Cable T.V.
  • Excuses
  • Debt
  • Negative news media
  • Getting comfortable
  • Clutter

Both of the above lists are much longer. I only added a few in case you wanted to get ideas for your own lists. After we made our lists we each made personal goals and then made our business goals together. I broke my goals into “Personal Goals,” “Physical Goals,” and “Spiritual Goals.”

One of my “Personal Goals” is to read 12 leadership/personal growth books for 2015 (that’s ONLY ONE a month!) My “Spiritual Goals” include:

  • Praying to thank God every day first thing in the morning for waking up in a home and in a warm bed with the most wonderful wife and all the other blessings that He has blessed us with.
  • Attend mass 72 times in a year (that’s every Sunday and 12 other days). Mariah goes pretty much every day. <—- Love that woman!
  • Read 365 passages of the Bible (one a day) and study and research each of them.
  • Tell Mariah that I love her every morning before we start the day

One of my friends challenged me to start some “Physical Goals” because he had set some for himself. So these are mine:

  • 36,500 Push-ups (100 a day for a year)
  • 36,500 Squats (weighted or not)
  • 18,250 Overhead Press (50 a day)
  • Get back to 185# Clean & Jerk
  • Gain 20 pounds of muscle

ANNNNDDD what better way to start new physical goals than with a nutritional restart button! I like to always start my year off with the 24-Day Challenge and the coolest thing about 2015 is that AdvoCare has a NATION-WIDE CHALLENGE. Everyone is starting on January 7th and if you didn’t get the memo it’s NOT TOO LATE! You can start one ASAP! We love the Challenge because it allowed me to get my body ready to utilize the amazing performance products AdvoCare has, which helped me GAIN OVER 20 pounds of muscle and helped Mariah lose 7 POUNDS AND 7 INCHES in 24 days and go on to lose over 30 POUNDS by staying on the products! This year, as stated above, I’m going to put on that 20 pounds of muscle again after not working out for over a year and a half.

If you’re setting health goals for 2015, then I can’t think of a better way to start your new year off than with the 24-Day Challenge! The coolest thing is that you can get it at a discount!!! Who doesn’t love a discount!?

You can e-mail me if you have any specific questions and with the NEW Virtual Coach you will bet set for success. If you are interested in that discount membership, HERE is the link. Enrolling for the wholesale membership was a no-brainer for Mariah and I and as if getting a discount on the best products wasn’t enough, it gets even better. There are no monthly minimums, quotas, or autoships AND you get a box of Spark & box of Slam ($59 retail value) for becoming a member, PLUS your own free microsite where you can log in anytime you want to order with your own discount. I compare it to a Sam’s or Costco membership, except you clearly get much more and Sam’s or Costco don’t allow you to earn a Plan B income and they certainly don’t give you product just for becoming a member!

AdvoCare All In 24 Day Challenge


We are SO PUMPED for 2015 and this new year of goals. If you want someone to help keep you accountable, post YOUR goals in the comment section. Write them out and post them someone in your home where you are going to look at them EVERY DAY! It helps when your goals are staring you in the face. If you have kids, tell them. They’ll keep you accountable too! We hope everyone is going to make 2015 the best year yet!