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Dear Camille, This Was Your First Easter!

Camille and Easter Baskets

Dear Camille,

This past Sunday was your first Easter! It was such a great day. Your mom and I took turns watching you so that we could both go to celebrate Easter mass. The Saturday night vigil was very special because a bunch of people were baptized, confirmed, and had their first communion and on Sunday morning YOU had your first Easter basket!

With it being our first Easter together I wanted it to be special. So I went to a local store and had baskets embroidered with all of our names on them and then made the poor decision to fill them with candy. The Crispy M&M’s have made their comeback and they became irresistible to mom and me so we both had a gigantic bag of them among other things. I knew it was a one time thing so I made a bigger mistake by trying to finish the entire family sized bag in one day so that I didn’t food cheat a second day. I don’t recommend doing that.

Normally the poor health choices for most people occur during the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas with all of the work, friend, and family get-togethers, work dinners, and cocktail parties. That’s not how it was for us. This Easter was a doozy. I did; however, keep one family tradition alive. I put toothbrushes in your mom’s and my basket. Your grandma used to do that for me. I think the dental hygienist in her couldn’t stand watching us eat all that sugar without giving us a chance to clean our teeth with a new brush. The only problem… that toothbrush isn’t going to fix the filth on the inside. It’s about time for another 24-Day Challenge.

By the way, you LOVED your basket so much that you made us take pictures of you modeling in front of it while wearing your sleep sack (see your silly self above). You also made us take pics of you smiling next to it. Just look at your smile!

Camille and Easter Baskets

After we saw what the Easter bunny brought us and you gave us a break during your modeling photo shoot, we showered and dressed you in your Easter gear. You looked so cute. We put that pink flowery headband on your head and then you just sat and stared at your basket.

Camille Easter

We knew you loved your modeling session so much that we hired a professional photographer with Big Leaps Photography to take pics of you the next day. Those pics will be much better than me and my phone. We can’t wait to get those pictures back!!! You looked adorable.

Have a good day love! I hope your tummy starts to feel better.


P.S. Please stop hoping in my bed and pretending you’re asleep. I know you’re faking it.

Baby Camille SLeeping