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Monday Morning

Over 23,000 people will die of a heart attack today and many already died at 9:00 a.m. Why? Stress. Why are they stressed so much on a Monday morning? That’s when they start their workweek. Why is their job stressful? They don’t enjoy it? Why don’t they enjoy it? It could be for a number of reasons… terrible boss, they don’t like their co-workers, it keeps them away from their family, but the #1 reason is because it’s not what they are supposed to be doing! They were meant for something else. God didn’t put you here on earth to be miserable ! He has you here for a purpose and when you are living out your purpose with passion you’re not going to be stressed! You’re going to be happy ; thus reducing the risk of a Monday morning heart attack! BEST NEWS of the day is that you have a choice!!!! You get to choose where you work and who you work with. No one is forcing you to work at your current job or business! You get to choose that. So if you’re not happy where you are at, change it!

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Dear Camille… This Thanksgiving Will Be Different


Dear Camille,

It’s been a very long time since I have written you and before I tell you why this will be a better Thanksgiving, I have to update you on all your milestones. I have been keeping myself busy so that you can have an even better Thanksgiving this year than you did last year. The last time I wrote you was just after your first Christmas and A LOT has changed since then. Sorry it has been so long. You’ve been RUNNING everywhere and have picked up a ton of words such as shoes (“ishes” as you like to call them), Jesus, Momma, Papa, Nana, bar, ball, bottle, cookie, cheese, chicken, brother (“bruba”), no, woof, puppy, and many more. You also know where your hair, eyes, nose, toes, ears, mouth, belly button, and hands are! You are so smart!!!

You’ve been climbing on EVERYTHING and love being around your brother. In fact, you can’t even walk by him without hugging him and kissing him on the head. It’s one of the sweetest things we’ve ever seen. He smiles more for you than he does for anyone and yesterday he just made his first real laugh. He’s super happy in general, but by far the happiest when he’s around you.

So let me tell you why this Thanksgiving will be different. A few years ago, before you were even born, I knew that I wanted to give your mom the opportunity to be home with you all the time. I knew that before I even knew your mom. So I removed all excuses and went to work so that when I met your mom she could have that opportunity. I was able to make that happen in a short amount of time and I thought that if I could accomplish that goal then all would be good; however, after you were born something changed. I still wanted your mom home with you, but that wasn’t going to be good enough for my little girl. You deserved much more than to just have your mom home with you.

Every day as I would leave to go to my job I would kiss you goodbye probably 50 times and you would smile. Then when you could stand up you would stand in the window of the door crying and screaming “Daddy!” every day as I left. It broke my heart to leave you every day. There were many mornings when I had to fight back tears backing out of the driveway and some mornings when I lost that fight. Then throughout the day I would watch you grow up through pictures or videos that your mom would send me while I was at work and it would tear me up even more. I would have the hour after I got home from work to spend with you and the majority of that was feeding you, bathing you, and then putting you to bed. It wasn’t enough for you and it wasn’t enough for me.

Then when your brother was born I took 12 weeks off of work and it hit me. Why not just always be home with your mom and the two of you? After talking it over with your mom we have decided that we would both be home to raise you and your brother and that is why this Thanksgiving will be better than the last. So instead of just enjoying the holiday weekend and then going back to a job on Monday only to see you cry in the doorway, I will wake up Monday to get you out of bed, hug you, kiss you, feed you breakfast, take you to the park or even chase you around the house because I can. I no longer have anyone telling me that I have to come into work from 8:00 to 5:00. I no longer have to ask off for vacation to take you to fun trips around the country. I have fired the boss and given up the 40 hour work week so that now we can always be on vacation my little love! We no longer live life on someone else’s terms. We live life on our own terms. Happy Thanksgiving Sweetheart!

I love you,


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If Nothing Changes…

If nothing changes nothing changes

Have you ever noticed people (family, friends, co-workers) complain about their circumstances, but they keep living the same old routine day after day? They don’t change anything. They wake up, go to work, come home, eat, watch T.V., go to bed, etc. in hopes that someday and somehow their life will just get better. I have news for those people… it won’t. The hard truth is… if nothing changes then nothing changes.

Are you one of those people stuck in the hamster wheel of life? The never ending rut where you find yourself constantly saying “next month we’ll be doing better” and then something else comes up?

Ask yourself this question… are you okay if nothing changes?

Are you okay if nothing changes?

If you answered “yes” to that question then ask yourself the following…

If you lost your job, would you still be okay? If not, wouldn’t you think it would be wise to have a “Plan B” income even to give you peace of mind?

Is your marriage the best it can be? Are you the best spouse you can be? If not, why don’t you look into ways to improve your marriage? (Marriage conferences, read books on marriage – “The 5 Love Languages” would be a good start, or hang out with couples who’s marriage you would like to emulate)

Are you the best parent you can be for your children? Children spell “love” T-I-M-E. Do you give them enough of it or just what’s left over at the end of the day?

richard branson if someone offers you an amazing opportunityFor things to change, you must change. Nothing is going to change by you “going through the motions” day in and day out. I know because I lived that life. At 32 years of age I was working 18 hours a day trading hours for dollars because there was always too much month at the end of the money. My student loan payments were crippling. Instead of hoping that the government would come to my rescue and bail me out by forgiving my loans, I took personal responsibility for making the choice to borrow the money in the first place, which meant I had to work a second job. Then I lived that 18 hour a day life for years until my friend introduced me to AdvoCare. In the past 3 1/2 years, AdvoCare has helped us eliminate a personal loan, three student loans, and five nearly maxed out credit cards. It’s given us the option to allow my wife to stay home and raise our children. It allows us to have more money to give to causes dear to our heart. It gives us peace of mind that we never even dreamed of until we were surrounded by the culture and the people involved with AdvoCare.

If you don’t have a plan to give you more time with your family, eliminate your debt, or a Plan B income to take care of your family if you lose your job then it’s time to make some changes. If not AdvoCare then what’s your plan? If not AdvoCare then that’s okay… just do SOMETHING to better your situation.



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New Year; New Goals!

2015 Goals

Mariah and I recently went over our GOALS for 2015 after she read “The Magic of Goals” by Ron Reynolds (the creator of the DebtBuster System. This was a first for us, although that may not be hard to believe because we’ve been married for less than a year at the time of this post. I’ve set goal in the past, but not yearly goals. Now we’ve set them because we know that it’s hard to hit a target that doesn’t exist.

It’s hard to hit a target that doesn’t exist.

set and reach goal conceptWe sat down and started making a list of things (not just tangible ones) that we wanted in our lives and things that we didn’t want. You have to clean out the junk and clutter to help you laser focus on hitting your goals. You have to be about actions and not distractions. You also have to have the right actions. Actions create the illusion of progress. Just because you’re acting, doesn’t mean you’re being productive. So make sure your actions are leading you closer to your goals.

Here’s an Example of “Some of the things we DO want in our lives”:Smart Goal Setting Concept

  • Financial Freedom (thanks to AdvoCare we have eliminated over $120,000 of student loan and credit card debt in just over 2 years. So we are well on our way!)
  • Personal growth
  • More prayer time
  • More service to our church
  • Go to Disney World
  • Get a King-sized bed
  • To purchase out “long time home” to be settled

Some of the “things we DON’T want in our lives” include:

  • Cable T.V.
  • Excuses
  • Debt
  • Negative news media
  • Getting comfortable
  • Clutter

Both of the above lists are much longer. I only added a few in case you wanted to get ideas for your own lists. After we made our lists we each made personal goals and then made our business goals together. I broke my goals into “Personal Goals,” “Physical Goals,” and “Spiritual Goals.”

One of my “Personal Goals” is to read 12 leadership/personal growth books for 2015 (that’s ONLY ONE a month!) My “Spiritual Goals” include:

  • Praying to thank God every day first thing in the morning for waking up in a home and in a warm bed with the most wonderful wife and all the other blessings that He has blessed us with.
  • Attend mass 72 times in a year (that’s every Sunday and 12 other days). Mariah goes pretty much every day. <—- Love that woman!
  • Read 365 passages of the Bible (one a day) and study and research each of them.
  • Tell Mariah that I love her every morning before we start the day

One of my friends challenged me to start some “Physical Goals” because he had set some for himself. So these are mine:

  • 36,500 Push-ups (100 a day for a year)
  • 36,500 Squats (weighted or not)
  • 18,250 Overhead Press (50 a day)
  • Get back to 185# Clean & Jerk
  • Gain 20 pounds of muscle

ANNNNDDD what better way to start new physical goals than with a nutritional restart button! I like to always start my year off with the 24-Day Challenge and the coolest thing about 2015 is that AdvoCare has a NATION-WIDE CHALLENGE. Everyone is starting on January 7th and if you didn’t get the memo it’s NOT TOO LATE! You can start one ASAP! We love the Challenge because it allowed me to get my body ready to utilize the amazing performance products AdvoCare has, which helped me GAIN OVER 20 pounds of muscle and helped Mariah lose 7 POUNDS AND 7 INCHES in 24 days and go on to lose over 30 POUNDS by staying on the products! This year, as stated above, I’m going to put on that 20 pounds of muscle again after not working out for over a year and a half.

If you’re setting health goals for 2015, then I can’t think of a better way to start your new year off than with the 24-Day Challenge! The coolest thing is that you can get it at a discount!!! Who doesn’t love a discount!?

You can e-mail me if you have any specific questions and with the NEW Virtual Coach you will bet set for success. If you are interested in that discount membership, HERE is the link. Enrolling for the wholesale membership was a no-brainer for Mariah and I and as if getting a discount on the best products wasn’t enough, it gets even better. There are no monthly minimums, quotas, or autoships AND you get a box of Spark & box of Slam ($59 retail value) for becoming a member, PLUS your own free microsite where you can log in anytime you want to order with your own discount. I compare it to a Sam’s or Costco membership, except you clearly get much more and Sam’s or Costco don’t allow you to earn a Plan B income and they certainly don’t give you product just for becoming a member!

AdvoCare All In 24 Day Challenge


We are SO PUMPED for 2015 and this new year of goals. If you want someone to help keep you accountable, post YOUR goals in the comment section. Write them out and post them someone in your home where you are going to look at them EVERY DAY! It helps when your goals are staring you in the face. If you have kids, tell them. They’ll keep you accountable too! We hope everyone is going to make 2015 the best year yet!