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Some of the most impactful moments of our lives aren’t recognized as such until we take the time to later reflect on them. Neither my wife nor I could have imagined what our “yes” to this business would bring over the course of 6 years. Beginning our journeys separately, I was able to increase my Crossfit lifts 20-40lbs, and finally saw a way to eliminate over $200,000 of student loan and credit card debt. My wife was able to lose 30lbs while shifting her focus from skinny to strong and healthy and immediately knew she had an opportunity that could change many other lives. We are honored and grateful to share this opportunity and we take the stewardship of helping others achieve their health and financial goals seriously. Whether it’s helping friends lose weight, gain energy, or come home full-time to make the most of years that go by too quickly, we are continually blessed to be a part of many of those journeys. Because of many others saying “yes” to this opportunity, our entire lives have been transformed. We have eliminated over $210,000 of our debt, my wife is living her dream of being home full-time with our daughter, and now I am living my dream of not having a boss and being able to work from anywhere as well. Through working to serve others with the opportunity provided to us, we are creating a legacy for our family that all started with a “yes” and asking ourselves, “why not me?” So we ask you, “why not you?”