Why You Need A Shower Filter

Shower Filter

It’s nearly impossible to live a purely “clean” life when it comes to harmful chemicals and ingredients in your home or in your food. You CAN make positive changes and make better choices though and that’s what Mariah and I have been doing since we were married and especially since we have little ones. It’s important to never stop learning about what affects your health and about improving the safety of your loves ones. You may have seen last week on Facebook that we both chose a healthier and more natural option of deodorant and we LOVE it. One of the other changes was to purchse a water filter for our shower. After a lot of research I picked one that was reasonable in price, had the best consumer reviews, and filtered the most harmful chemicals. Here are a few reasons why you should use a shower filter immediately! Pay close attention to #4! Here’s the one we bought (click on the image to see all the stages of filtering it provides:


1. We May Absorb More Chlorine Through Showering than Through Drinking Water

It may seem counterintuitive, but showering in chlorinated water can lead to more chlorine absorption than drinking chlorinated water. This is because we typically shower at warm temperatures, which makes absorption easier and because this water is coming in contact with such a large area of the body. In fact, research shows that the chlorine in shower (or bath) water can easily enter the bloodstream as it has a low molecular weight and can easily pass into the body.

Chlorine can also interact with other matter in the water to form harmful byproducts like trihalomethanes (THMs). One of these trihalomethanes is chloroform. Thankfully, it isn’t found in high enough amounts in shower water to cause that severe of a problem, but it certainly isn’t good to come into contact with regularly.

Warm air and water also open lungs, making inhalation of these chemicals easier as well. In fact, a study found a higher than normal concentration of chloroform in the lungs of study participants after a warm shower.

Chemicals absorbed through the skin can enter the blood stream quickly and have a tremendous impact on the body. This is great when it comes to things like topical magnesium that we want to enter the body quickly and in large enough amounts, but not so good when it comes to harmful disinfectant byproducts. This study even showed a greater lifetime risk of cancer and other problems from bathing or showering in chlorinated water than from drinking it.

2. Shower Water Releases Chemicals into the Air in the Home

There are some obvious offenders of indoor air-pollution:

Scented candles release harmful fragrances and paraffin into the air and are a major source of indoor air pollution. Air fresheners and cleaning chemicals are also major offenders, but many of us don’t realize that shower water is also high-up on this list!

The heat of shower water can cause chemicals to vaporize and be released into the air at higher amounts than they are even present in the water itself. The EPA found significant and detectable levels of THMs and other byproducts in indoor air as a result of bath and shower water.

3. Chemicals in Shower Water may Cause Harm to the Skin Microbiome & Irritate Skin

As I already mentioned, the microbiome isn’t limited to the gut. While the importance of beneficial bacteria in the gut is becoming much more well known, there are lesser known “biomes” on the body, including the mouth and skin.

Logically, showering in a disinfecting agent like chlorine that is chemically tested to reduce bacteria in the water may have a tremendous impact on the skin biome. Many of the effects to the beneficial bacteria are not visible and many people don’t seem to have any noticeable affects, though some experience dry skin, eczema or irritation.

4. Chemicals Present in Shower Water are Linked to Cancer & other Health Problems

As a follow up to the first point, some of the chemicals present in the water supply have been linked to various types of cancers. These chemicals can be problematic enough when consumed in water but are even more harmful when inhaled or absorbed through skin. Chris Kresser explains:

“Research conducted on the health effects of chlorinated drinking water have demonstrated a variety of toxicity issues. Several studies have found that communities using chlorinated or chloraminated drinking water have an increased risk of bladder, kidney, and rectal cancers. (4, 5, 6) THMs from chemically treated water have been associated with a variety of poor birth outcomes, such as spontaneous abortion, birth defects, and low birth weight. (7) Chlorine and chloramine vapors are associated with greater risk of asthma, and may damage the mucosal lining of the respiratory tract. (8) Free radicals in chlorinated water have been linked to liver malfunction, weakening of the immune system and pre-arteriosclerotic changes in arteries.”

(9) and Food Renegade points out a more specific link between chlorine and breast cancer:

“Breast cancer, which now effects one in every eight women in North America, has recently been linked to the accumulation of chlorine compounds in the breast tissue. A study carried out in Hartford Connecticut, the first of it’s kind in North America, found that, “women with breast cancer have 50% to 60% higher levels of organochlorines (chlorination byproducts) in their breast tissue than women without breast cancer.””

Of course, correlation does not equal causation, but in this case, the evidence is strong enough to at least warrant caution and further study. At the very least, I find it worth taking precautions against easy-to-eliminate sources of chlorine exposure by using things like drinking water filters and shower filters.

5. Chloramines May be Even more Harmful than Chlorine

Another chemical often used in the water supply is chloramine, a mixture of chlorine and ammonia. As you may imagine, it has its risks as well and may be even more irritating to the skin and lungs that just chlorine.

Unfortunately, many filters that remove chlorine do not easily remove chloramines, so it is important to research options and address both chemicals when considering shower filters.

Shower Filters: Bottom Line

Filtering shower water is one simple and relatively inexpensive step that can make a big difference in reducing chlorine and other chemical exposure in the home. Some people seem to be much more sensitive to chlorine and notice the effects more readily, but these chemicals affect all of us on a cellular level.

Using a simple shower filter or bath dechlorinator is an easy way to remove chlorine and other harmful chemicals in bath and shower water.

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Grow Your Income To The Size of Your Dreams…


For eight years I worked in this building and for an entrepreneur like me the first four years in this building felt like a prison with no end of sentence in sight. From 8:00-5:00 every day my day consisted of someone else telling me what to do. For eight years if I wanted to take a vacation to spend time with my family I had to ask permission. If I didn’t feel well then I had to ask permission to stay home and only could IF I had saved up some “sick leave.” If I wanted a raise then I just had to stick around longer because there was a pay schedule for those kinda things based on your time of service. My value was determined by the years I worked at that job and somehow my value would eventually have a cap on it – once I hit the required years of service there was no way up from there.

Although the lack of freedom at work didn’t change the second four years and in fact became worse, there was an end of sentence in sight during those last four. My buddy showed me a way out of the “job life” and into a life of freedom. He showed me a life where I could vacation whenever I wanted without needing permission. He showed me a way to work the hours I wanted to work and how I could work those hours from wherever I wanted. He also showed me how to give myself a raise if I wanted one and when I wanted one and how my value wouldn’t be determined by my employer anymore.

I wanted that life! I dreamed of that life. I prayed for that life and now I got it. Most people don’t know what they want in life and instead only know what they don’t want. They don’t dream anymore because their dreams have dollar signs attached to them. They shrink their dreams to the size of their income instead of growing their income to the size of their dreams.

Time Freedom Anniversary

Time Freedom Anniversary

WOW!  It’s almost unreal that today marks TWO full years since I made the decision to divorce the employee/employer system. Just over two years ago I had someone else telling me when I had to be at work, when I was allowed to take vacation, and when I was allowed to spend time with my family. Before I received any of my paychecks my employer would give a large portion to the government, another portion to a mandatory retirement fund, another to group health insurance, and then I would get what was left over.  My employer also controlled the amount of my paychecks, which determined the size of the house  I could afford, car  I could drive, activities that my kids could participate in, what groceries we could afford, etc. Didn’t matter how hard I worked either because I could never make more than my boss, or their boss, or theirs. My boss required me to spend more time at my job than I could with my family. So two years ago I got sick  of working in that system and decided to give my time to those who mattered most…my wife, daughter, and son. Since I made that decision I have been present for EVERY sweet and funny  moment of my children’s lives. I have had complete time freedom to do as I please. I have time to play in our vegetable garden, play outside with the kids, go to EVERY swim lesson, go on walks as a family in the middle of the day, volunteer at VBS, workout at any time of the day, go to the store when it’s not crowded, lay in bed  longer just because I feel like it, read more books , etc. When you have time freedom you can do ANYTHING at ANYTIME! It’s really quite incredible! Thank you  Lord for answering my prayers 6 years ago. I never imagined it would’ve been this good!


Monday Morning

Over 23,000 people will die of a heart attack today and many already died at 9:00 a.m. Why? Stress. Why are they stressed so much on a Monday morning? That’s when they start their workweek. Why is their job stressful? They don’t enjoy it? Why don’t they enjoy it? It could be for a number of reasons… terrible boss, they don’t like their co-workers, it keeps them away from their family, but the #1 reason is because it’s not what they are supposed to be doing! They were meant for something else. God didn’t put you here on earth 🌏 to be miserable 😭 😩! He has you here for a purpose and when you are living out your purpose with passion you’re not going to be stressed! You’re going to be happy 😊; thus reducing the risk of a Monday morning heart attack! BEST NEWS of the day is that you have a choice!!!! 🙌🏼 You get to choose where you work and who you work with. No one is forcing you to work at your current job or business! You get to choose that. So if you’re not happy where you are at, change it! I did. 👊🏼 You can too!

You Do This Nearly Every Day And Don’t Realize It

I recently recorded a Facebook Live video about this and I found that it was pretty shocking to people that they didn’t even realize that they were doing this. Most people don’t. Facebook has even caught onto how often it’s done and has even altered everyone’s posts to enhance it.

How many times have you eaten at a great restaurant and had the best burger or meal you’ve ever had and told your friends about it? How many times did you check out a new restaurant and recommend it to your friends? Probably a lot.

How many times have you come out of watching a movie and told your friends and family about it? How many times have you told someone that they should go see that movie? Tons!

How many times have you shared a video of some company doing something kind or caring for someone or have shared some “feel good” story about what some business has done? Probably a good bit as well.

Just the past two weeks I recommended an awesome protein pancake mix on Facebook and I’ve had numerous people message me that they bought it based off of my recommendation. I seriously had people go to the store specifically for it because I made a post about it. These people never would’ve bought it if it wasn’t for me posting about it. Have you ever done something like that? Sure you have.

Guess what you did when you do any/all of the above? You gave those movie producers, restaurant owners, businesses, free marketing. They didn’t even have to pay for your word of mouth marketing and they gained business from it. You found something you liked. You recommended it to your friends. They followed your recommendation. Those businesses benefited from it. You got NOTHING.

The fact is, we do free marketing for companies all the time. We do it so much that Facebook has caught on and now has altered the way recommendations show up in your news feed. Know what type of marketing that’s called? Network marketing! That’s right… you’re engaged in network marketing all the time; you’re just not getting paid for it.

Wouldn’t it be nice if when you recommended a movie, let’s say Jumanji, those movie producers paid you when your friends and family who you recommended it to went and saw it? How nice would it be that not only would you get paid when they saw it, but let’s say they recommended it to their friends as well and the movie producers said, “Hey, these people likely wouldn’t have seen our movie if it wasn’t for your initial recommendation to their friends who then referred these people, so we want to pay you for the income we made from those people to!” That’d be awesome!

Well, that’s what my wife and I do. We get paid for referrals. We also get paid for the referrals that our friends make as well because they never would’ve been using our products if it wasn’t for our initial recommendation. So when people say, “I can’t do what you do,” the chances that they’re already doing it are about 100%. They just don’t get paid for it.

To All My Network Marketing Friends…

network marketing
The network marketing profession is one in which I have embraced for the past 5 years now. My intrigue 5 years ago turned into a love and complete embrace of it somewhere along the journey. There’s no doubt that for those that have an entrepreneurial bone in their bodies that it’s the greatest profession on earth and that’s why so many people decide to join a network marketing company. They see the possibility of their hopes and dreams being fulfilled and the realization and wake up call that their job will never fulfill them.

Because the profession is so attractive it draws so many types of people for so many types of reasons, which is both good and bad. You’ll have the people that see it as a way to earn a living while serving others’ needs and you’ll also have people who are just trying to make some quick money by any means necessary. The problem is that we all tend to get lumped in together. Someone may have a poor experience with one person or one company and then all of a sudden “all network marketing companies and network marketers are the same.” People who are genuinely in need of this are turned off because they think they have to do whatever the person who turned them off of it did. They think company ABC is the same as company XYZ just because both companies use the direct sales model to distribute their products, which is ridiculous because you don’t stop shopping at Target just because you had a bad experience at Wal-mart. You don’t assume that every retail store is the same because one of them has horrible customer service or their salesmen are like vultures… I digress.

That being said, I can understand where people are coming from with these notions. There are enough people out there going about this the wrong way for the wrong reasons that it surely can give the appearance that all network marketers are like that and what happens is that it hurts the profession as a whole. Let me be the first to admit, I made salesly social media posts and I’m sure sounded ridiculous when I first started talking with people. So, to my network marketing friends, I decided to give you some professional advice because I’m tired of face paling from seeing all the complaints about network marketers on my newsfeed and hearing stories from friends.

1. Stop asking people to buy something from you just so you can hit some new goal or advance in some rank. This is by far the most infuriating thing I’ve seen from people in this profession. If you’re asking them to do something so you can benefit, not them, then you’re in this for the wrong reason. If your means to your goal is to beg people to fit your product/service into their budget for the sole purpose of increasing yours, then you need to find a new profession. If you can’t show them the value in using your products or service and they don’t willingly purchase them then certainly don’t beg them to do it so you can make more money. Your job is to add value to the marketplace. Begging people to help you hit your goals isn’t doing that.

2. Ask people’s permission regarding private Facebook groups. Stop adding everyone on your friends list into groups that they didn’t ask to join. If you can’t show them the value of being added to some private Facebook group (and you’ll know if you did or not when you ask their permission) then you just don’t add them. It’s that simple.

3. Stop announcing on social media that “if anyone wants to buy something let me know.” Additionally, stop posting your link asking people to hop on your site and order from it. There’s nothing more “salesy” than that. It’s terrible. I mean really really terrible and unattractive. Sure, let people know what you’re doing. That’s a good thing. You want people to know you’re in business and what business you’re in, but don’t let them know just so you can ask them to buy something in the same sentence.

4. Best advice of all: Start trying to solve problems and stop trying to sell products/services. If you’re trying to sell someone something then you’re only worried about making a sale and not focused on helping someone else. Find out what problem your product/service would solve for someone and then provide the solution. If you do that and they don’t see how you can help them and they tell you they don’t want your product/service then the next step isn’t to try to find some product/any product that they’ll buy. The next step is to move on because there are numerous other people who need or want what you have. Have an abundance mindset, not a scarcity mindset. (Read more on this here: The Finite Pie)

5. Invite people to join you. If they don’t take the invitation then oh well. Seriously… them not joining you isn’t going to stop you from being successful. In most cases they’re missing out, but that’s their choice. Let them live with their choice and you move on with yours.

There are so many more tips that I could offer, but these are the main complaints I’ve seen or heard about. We are already fighting an uphill battle because people don’t understand what we do because it’s different. So let’s not make it a steeper hill for ourselves by continuing the aforementioned actions.

Cash Back Without The Hastle: Why You Should Download “Dosh”

I’m passionate about many things, but some I am more passionate about than others. One thing I’m particularly passionate about is helping my friends make money and save money especially when it happens with little to no effort. I have recently found an amazing way to help my friends save and make money yet again! I plan to post about a few of them in the upcoming weeks, but this post is about Dosh (such a weird name).

I saw a friend post about Dosh and how much cash back they already received. I was skeptical as usual so I decided to do a lot of research. The first thing I noticed was that it had 4.5 out of 5 stars in the App Store with over 11,000 reviews. That’s pretty crazy because I never see ratings that high. I realized that it does pretty much the same thing that Ebates and Ibotta do except it’s like those apps on steroids! With Dosh there’s cash back without the hassle:dosh cashAnd if you’re a skeptic like me you’d probably like to know that they have partnered with over 100,000 businesses as of April 2017 and are continually adding more. You’ve heard of many of them including Sam’s Club, Wal-mart, Forever 21, Macy’s, Sheraton, Avis, Wendy’s, Brookstone, Barnes & Noble, The Ritz-Carlton, Target, Neiman Marcus and The Home Depot to name a few.

dosh cash partners

It is SO SIMPLE to use! I downloaded it less than 2 weeks ago and have already earned over $200 without doing much of anything at all! dosh cash app
The best part is that it shows me how much my friends that I introduced to it have earned as well! While I earned just over $200 in less than two weeks, my friends have earned $270.18! Now that makes me happy knowing that I was able to help my friends earn that much money in such a short amount of time!

dosh cash app referral

This is how you get started:

Step 1: Download the Dosh app using this link and get $5 when you complete Step 2

Step 2: Link your credit card(s)*

Step 3: Go about your life 🙂

*This is where I was most skeptical, but when I discovered that Dosh uses the same security as major banks and that your credit card information isn’t stored, I linked my first credit card in a jiffy.

My first experience with how it works came when I bought 4 items at Sam’s Club. By the time I walked out the door I had a notification from the app showing me how I earned 63 cents at checkout! How crazy is that!? I literally didn’t do anything different than I normally do when checking out at Sam’s Club! 63 cents doesn’t sound like much, but every little bit adds up especially when we go to Sam’s Club often and order from Wal-mart grocery pickup all the time (another partner with Dosh).dosh cash app

I’ve already seen so many friends kicking themselves for missing out on deals on travel or normal purchases because they waited to get the app. After they realized they could’ve cut their hotel stay in half they quickly downloaded Dosh and started using it. Don’t be like those friends. Get on it today. 🙂

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